Liguria is a region rich in culture and traditions. Along all the cost you will encounter museums and art galleries (Palazzo Reale in Genova, Priamar in Savona, Villa Regina Margherita in Bordighera). In the hinterland’s churches, castles, hamlets, you’ll discover architectural jewels as well as beautiful painting for which Italy is world famous (particularly in Dolcedo, Taggia, old town of Ventimiglia, Finalborgo).

Genova certainly has a very old art heritage and its historical center  is the biggest in Europe. Among little houses you’ll be surprised to come across a square and it’s old church, may be in renaissance style or a rich baroque building. Strolling around its narrow lanes (called carrugi), your interest will be captured at every corner: quaint boutiques, craft workshops, bars and gorgeous little restaurants.

Palazzo ducale (the palace of the dukes), hosts grand exhibitions year round (the latest have been dedicated to Miro’ and Steve McCurry). Across the arcade of via XX settembre you reach Mercato Orientale (an historical gastronomic market), with its fabled colors and essences has been offering a wonderful array of delicacies since 1684!

Walking towards the sea, on the old port, you’ll find Museo Galata (maritime museum), where you will experience a fantasy journey across its three levels of chronological displays of travels, true size models of vessels and ships and interactive games. The museum can be enjoyed both by children and adults.

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