Every tuesday and friday of the season, pampered by the sea breeze and the Valeria’s wise hands, our guests will be able to relax with a SHIATSU treatment arranged in the gazebo of our sun terrace.

SHIATSU originated in Japan, (shi = finger and atsu = pressure), it is a technical manipulation that stimulates in the receiver (“ukè” = he whom receives with respect) a process of self healing (the body reacts independently).

Shiatsu is aimed at favouring the free flow of qi/ki namely energy inside the body, and it acts on the body of the receiver through perpendicular pressure, maintained and constantly brought by thumbs, hands, elbows and knees. The pressure is practiced on a meridian pattern, areas and points that constitute the thin line of electromagnetic energy of the human body based on the codified conception of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shiatsu is mainly a preventive therapy that may be used to maintain good health or to solve health problems and to keep, recover and give wellness to the entire body and to the inner self. Shiatsu removes physical stiffness, muscular and joint pain, it increases mobility and flexibility, it improves circulation, it favours the ejection of toxic substances, it tones the skin, strengthens the bones and reinforces the immune system, reinvigorates the muscle, it help to cure headache, backache and cervical pain, it calms aches and stabbing pain, it helps against fatigue and stress, it soothes sport injuries, it gives vitality and health and increases the awareness of the body and of the being.

Each treatment is tailored according to specific needs of the client and his conditions.